Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Has This Blog Become??

Hey Guys, I am just doing a quick post, because I feel I really need to. I'm sorry for the pile of sh*t this blog has been lately, and I really feel I do owe my readers an apology. I have hardly been typecasting, and really just haven't been keeping up as much as I used to with the typosphere. I'[m by no means saying that my interest is waning, it's just that I'm getting ready for my Senior prom, getting ready for college, and preparing for my graduation, which is in a little over a month. So as you can clearly see, it's been a little hectic, and whenever I feel like I wanna do a typecast, it's either really late at night or I just end up falling asleep at my typewriter! So, I promise that within these next few days, I'll be doing a typecast, and it'll be a typewriter showdown! I'm not giving away any names of machines, but let's just say that they're favorites of mine, and they definitely will be great going against each other for this 1960's showdown! So, please accept my apologies, and I really am going to try to get this blog back where it used to be!