Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Olivetti Lettera 32: A Review

P.S.- Go for the ones actually made in Italy. Some were made in Spain, and I hear that those aren't as good, but I've actually never done a comparison in person. Mine is an Italian one. :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back From Massachusetts!

Typewriter repair tools!!!!!!

Buy an ad!

The "testing table", as I like to call it.
Busy at work.

The workbench...

Too many elements to count!

Don't you just want it?! (It's burgandy!)

So many Selectrics...

Me and Tom

The ad says:
"A message to all the typewriters we sold before Pearl Harbor

Listen, all you Royal Typewriters we sold before December 7th... you have a real job on your hands! You typewriters have got to last until after this war is over! You are a vitally important part of American business and, for a while, there won't be any new machines to replace you! Because we're busy now making ordnance.

That puts it squarely up to you to keep right on giving the famous, reliable Royal service. No matter how old you may be today, no matter how long you may have been in use, you must stay in use until this war is won!

Of course, we know you can do it! You Royals are just about the most durable typewriters that engineering skill can produce. You are built to last! We spent more than 30 years improving you, strengthening you, making you work more smoothly and easily... amd we know you can take it!

Providing, of course, you are given the proper care and service. And so, on your behalf, we want to conclude with...

...a message to Royal owners

You who own a Royal have the "World's Number 1 Typewriter." It is sturdy and rugged and strong. BUT... lack of care can shorten its life.

However, we have made it easy for you to see that your Royal gets the proper care. Royal's nationwide service organization consists of more than 500 service points where experienced mechanics, trained by Royal, are at your beck and call whenever your Royal typewriter needs expert, efficient service.

Your Royal is probably working perfectly at the moment. But remember that "a stitch in time saves nice." So why not call your local Royal service man today? He's in your phone book... and a word from you will send him hurrying around to give your machine a Royal Wartime Checkup. It will cost you little now, and may save you much later on.

P.S. Ask your Royal representative about Royal's complete line of Carbon Papers and Ribbons, especially designed to help your typewriters give you the best possible service.


See how many of your standard machines (made since Jan. 1, 1935) you can spare. Call
your nearest Royal branch--we will buy them, affix the government seal, and pay you the
Government's fixed price."

The ad is from 10/26/42.

Monday, October 4, 2010