Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thought On Free Typewriters, And NaNo.


  1. There is nothing to compare with typing on a good standard machine. Even the best portables don't quite reach that magic combination of preciseness, crispness, and solidity that a desktop attains. I use a Royal KMG from the early 1950's as my main NaNo machine, set up on a table behind the family-room sofa. For one month of the year, it's the star, getting a daily workout (sometimes with help), but sits mostly idle the rest of the time due to space limitations in our house.

    The portables see more use since they are easily stowed and just as easily brought out, but for Serious Writing, a standard is the way to go. (And my Royal-loyalty would be severely tested if I came into an Olympia desktop. Lord.)

  2. Well, I'm actually loyal to Royal myself! But, I really want a basket shifted machine to type on for novels, and the carriage shifting on my 10 gets to my pinky after about 10 pages... So, for the really heavy duty stuff, I use basket shift!

  3. Hey Matt take a look at this one:
    it's good for an all-shouting novel.