Saturday, December 18, 2010

The "Type-In" Was A Success!!

Note: I have to figure out a way to upload these videos to here, so they won't be in this post. But, they'll be up here soon! Enjoy the madness!

This typecast was done on the Lettera 32

The trade-off.


  1. Sounds like a great time was had by all! What machine did you use for the contest?

  2. cool, serious cool! Can't wait to see the vids.

    That looks like a nice Royal too... happy typers all round.

  3. Yeah, Rino, it definitely was serious cool, or the highest level of cool there possibly is. And Notagain, I used the trusty Olivetti Lettera 32 for the typing contest!

  4. Hey Matt,

    I live a little north of Seattle in a town called Snohomish. (Hence my blog name.) I don't read the Seattle newspaper but I do read the daily paper for Snohomish County (it covers most of Washington north of Seattle and up to Canada.) I was thrilled to open yesterday's paper and, Bing!, there was an article about the type-in and about you. It was very exciting. I showed my wife and the friends we had dinner with lastnight. Nice work, dude.

    Last week Ryan (Treatise On Pedestrianism) sent me a letter suggesting that there be a Seattle/Northwest type in, so we're trying to see what can be done to organize one. I think that it would be pretty awesome.

    Contratulations on winning and on trading for the Hermes.

    I don't read the news online but here's a link to the article in my local paper:

  5. great that it went so well and got so much press. I read your typecasts on my iPod on a plane to CA!

  6. Thanks for the comments, Snohomishwriter and Mr. Polt! I really had a lot of fun there, and there were plenty of interesting machines and people there! I absolutely love the Hermes, and I also can't believe you read my typecast on your iPod on a plane to CA! Actually, I have read plenty of your typecasts on my iPod! And the story about the "Type-In" has now made it all the way to England! Also, Snohomishwriter, the story you sent me was the one that I did the interview for!

  7. I'm still getting caught up with my news feeds and all from after my vacation, but I was very, VERY pleased to see how well the type-in went, and how many times it showed up in my "typewriter news" feed-reader. I think it's fair to say that you're one of the most enthusiastic members of the typosphere, Matt. Glad to see you get some recognition.