Saturday, April 23, 2011

Public Typing...


  1. Really great script typeface.

    I think there's something contrarian about us that comes out in impulses like the one you're having now. Or like I said in that interview, "In your face, Microsoft!"

    Looking forward to reading the story of your public typecasting.

  2. I saw a little Olympia SF in an antiques store... it was script... came with the manual and case.... but it was totally broken and missing the top ribbon cover and, yeah. So sad. Priced outrageously, i.e. they wouldn't have accepted my $5 offer.

    So sad, it would have been the first script typer I ever found myself. (My only one was a gift. :)

  3. Love the script! It will be interesting to hear about the reaction you get to your public typecasting, looking forward to it.

  4. You'll have a lot of fun, typing in a coffeehouse.
    I do this all the time, as Portland and Boston both have countless typewriter-friendly venues.
    On Saturday, I chose a Starbucks on Beacon Hill, and sat right in the window facing Charles Street. All the onlookers and complimenting passers-by definitely changed the way I focused on the writing! -but it's really good for typing writers to get out there!