Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not Again...


  1. I agree, notagain deserves lots of credit for faithfully typecasting, commenting on others' typecasts, attending type-ins, and more. Cheers!

    I try to leave a comment on typecasts when I can, and when I have something not-totally-brainless to say. Show you're reading someone's blog and you will do a lot to encourage them.

  2. That's damn cool of you Matt! Thanks for promoting my blog, especially with that nice Hermes.
    I found out last night on "Says You!" that I'm a "fogey" as contrasted with a "codger." A "codger" is just an old guy, and a "fogey" does things the old ways. Your luddite comment put me in mind of it.

  3. Hey, you deserve the credit. You're one of the most underrated typecasters out there, and that needs to be changed!