Monday, June 27, 2011

Typewriter Showdown! (A Series): Remington-Rand 17 Vs. Royal KMM

To be fair, the Remington hasn't been refurbished, but the Royal has... Hmm... Maybe a rematch at another point?


  1. I've been looking forward to this. Love your stationery!

    We want details: describe the difference in touch, please!

  2. Well, here's a rundown of the touch:

    KMM: Smooth, very snappy. As you say, it's like a machine gun. It feels a little more precise and exact.

    Model Seventeen: Also smooth, but not as snappy. As stated above, it's like a big, heavy freight train. But, I feel that once the Remington gets cleaned out, it'll feel different!

  3. I find the KMM to be the fastest machine I have ever typed on. My motto: "Remington, typing more, enjoying it less."

  4. Great job Matt. Can't wait for the next showdown.