Friday, July 8, 2011

Staten Island Type-In! (And Other News)


  1. It's actually called a Silent-Super. If you don't own one already, I'd suggest keeping it. They're great machines. granted, I'm a bit biased--my first typewriter was the 55 scss you can see in my latest post on arsdecarta...

  2. Matt, Art is right. They are spectacular machines. I have two. As Will Davis says on his site, "One of the best typewriters of any kind ever made anywhere."

    And if you get one in elite... name your price.

    Enjoy the SI TI and keep us posted.

  3. Art, thanks for the correction! I hate it when that happens, it's so easy to get those two mixed up! And Joe, we shall see!

  4. I don't the the other typers stand a chance, Matt. You're the wickedest thing on a typewriter I've ever seen*.

    (*Excepting, of course, my dear Mum; she was a church and school secretary her whole working life, and could type faster than the eye could see on her big IBM Selectric.)