Monday, April 2, 2012

I Never Thought I'd Buy One!


  1. Nice typewriter.

    I have had my eyes on a Selectric-I for awhile since it may fit my cramped space. I like the Selcetric-II and III also, but I do not have room. It'd be nice to have all 3.

    No problem owning an electric. Before I started collecting I had an Olivetti Praxis. Later I replaced it with a Selectric-II. (Incorrectly posted on my blog the IBM was not my first typewriter) My PC oriented brain convinced me to give the IBM away.
    Bad Move.

    I think you will enjoy your IBM and get plenty of use out of it.

  2. Hi Matt, sounds like you are having fun with it!

  3. Selectrics are fun and collecting the golfballs is inexpensive and rather easy. I've found plenty of cheap lots of new and used golfballs on eBay. There is very low risk of damage shipping them, so have a field day.

    One word of advice, with picking out elements. Try and get the ones with all plastic levers on top. There are a lot of hybrids out there that have a plastic lever around a metal post. The hybrids break easily and once broken, well, see my prior post:

    You can still use them, but they are a pain to swap.

  4. Nothing like the machine-gun rattle of a good session on the old Selectric I.

    Just wondering, does yours have the single-use carbon ribbons or does it use the cloth kind? My Selectric burns through those carbons like nobody's business, to the point that I start to feel guilty using them up.

  5. Very cool. I like the Delegate typeface best!

  6. I've always liked Selectrics, and am excited at the prospect of getting a Selectric II in the next month or so.

    It's VERY important to have fun on a typewriter. If the Selectric makes you happy, enjoy it to the max!

  7. Very nice. I learned to type on an IBM Selectric, back in the mid 1970's. I finally managed to get one for myself, last summer. I believe I paid $25 for my Selectric II. Now I just need to get some more font balls...

  8. Hey bud. Well I stumbled over this site reading an article on the new york times. I am 25, I began collecting and restoring old typewriters. I have one from the very first in the usa the model is the caligraph 2 from 1868. I wanted to say that i am glad you started this blog. I wanted to ask if you were a ferrari fan, I see the paper with the ferrari logo. Where did you pick thaf paper up? I need to get some myself. I am a big ferrari fan. Lol. Keep on typeing. Please let me know where i can pick up ferrari paper.