Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Minor Problem...

Hey guys, I am forced to do this entry on the computer because my scanner is being stupid right now, and I really have neglected to update this blog since my scanner stopped working properly. So, I really am sorry for just leaving you guys hanging, and I hope to be back and typecasting soon! I tried to make a video explaining all of this, but it took forever to upload, so I just decided to simply write this instead! Also, I will most likely be going up to Cambridge Typewriter the weekend of Halloween! So, I'll be taking plenty of videos there, and I will also be keeping you guys posted and also work on fixing my scanner!


  1. Before I had a scanner (cheapest one from canon, 60$) I used to take photos of my typecasts with my digital camera.

  2. When I get myself into gear and make a typecast, I generally use a camera too. It is just quicker and, notwithstanding barrel distortion from the lens, it works just fine for me.

  3. Thanks for the update, Matt. Was wondering what you were up to! Look forward to your next typecast, one way or another.

  4. Can a scanner actually be fixed? I think they're more like toaster ovens--the light goes out and you kick it to the curb!

    Matt--clear your sked and choose what typers you will swap on Sat. 10 December at Son of Type-IN...


  5. Oh, sorry to hear about your scanner. Well, I can't wait for your posts. Do you consider getting a new scanner? Well, if you do, it's best to go for a portable one, and make sure it's a lot more durable. Hehe.

    -Ruby Badcoe