Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm Back!


  1. Good to see you back!

    Very nice typeface on your SM-9, indeed.

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  3. Yeaaaa Matt. So glad to see you posting again. Keep it up! We like hearing from you.

  4. Matt,
    I just read my comment: should be all-in-one. You may erase my first comment if you like. Or correct it if possible.

  5. Glad you are back. Nice typeface. I'd like and SM-9. Maybe in 2012. Too many machines to repair at the moment.
    Check Craigslist for a scanner. I purchased 2 and did not pay but $20.00 for any of them. The newest I bought was an Epson all-in-one I use on my blog and it was only a few months old when I bought it. If your city has a FreeCycle, join and post a WANTED post. I like both since the item can be tested before purchased, unlike used on-line.

    I corrected it. Sorry for stupidity.

  6. I bought a brand new, Epson all-in-one scanner at Target, maybe four months ago for $30-$35. They are really cheap and work fine. I only use it to scan, so could care less about print quality.

    With the holiday season coming up, I would be surprised if there were these all-in-one scanners for less than $10, new!

    Keep an eye out and you will find something.