Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Been Awhile.


  1. Ahh, a Hermes Ambassador. Beautiful! Munk's been lusting over one of those for a while now.

    As a very new member, I'm glad to see the typosphere expanding. I've been following it for a bit but just recently bit the bullet and started my own blog. I'm glad to see this technology become popular again!

    Also, I use full size sheets of paper, but set the margins so that the scans will fit easily within my pixel limit for images.

  2. I usually use full-size paper then trim the scan as there is often a lot of extraneous junk on the same sheet, sometimes an older typecast upside-down on the bottom!

  3. I don't use TAROPs, other than that one time as a tongue-in-cheek answer to Strikethru's BAROP. Most of my typecasts are on 5.5" x 8.5" half-sheets, similar to most stationary sheets. I've found that to be about optimal for maintaining legibility within the constraints of my blog's gutter without the reader having to click through to a larger version. Not resizing also allows me to pull off tricks like embedding hyperlinks within the text.

  4. I type on full-size paper as well, but I know my blog layout is 6 inches wide in the main section, so I set my margins and adjust my scanning accordingly. I try to post as close as possible to 100% size right on screen, within the layout.

    The unused side of the page I sometimes reserve for re-typing especially bad typos, and then I replace them on the page after I've scanned.

  5. We certainly need new torch bearers in the typosphere come November, when a lot of us are focused on writing novels. The typosphere can be pretty lonely during that time.

    Yeah, I'm typing on full-size paper as well, but since my blog template only fits 450 pixels wide, I size it down. I'm of the mindset that I'd rather not have my readers have to click for a bigger image to read...

  6. Okay, whippersnapper: being slow is not the same as being "dead". (At least, I hope not. I hope that when I'm dead, someone will have the decency to tell me.)
    I admire your energy - you and those folks that seem to be pumping out typecasts on an hourly basis. Just please don't mock the fogeys.
    (Oh, and gittoffa my lawn.)