Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two 3000's And A 2000, Please?

Hooray! My 100th post! Where's my party?!


  1. They look wonderful! That font is gorgeous.

  2. Hey Matt- I thought was supposed to be a G-rated blog. I think you should give Richard the Director Pica machine. Just kidding. Great score!!!

  3. Good going! I like the shot of the three Hermes siblings side by side.

  4. Hey Matt, you said on the phone you had awesome news. I thought you were bluffing.

    Hermestastico! (er, is that a word?)...

    It's funny, the first has that Loewy-streamline power-under the hood look, the next keeps the Baby/Rocket crinkly eleganza thing, and the third is like Soviet-Ikea-Danish mod brutalist architecture, with that all caps H E R M E S 3 0 0 0 logo looking almost menacing, right out of the Forbin Project or some such.

    But all are somehow carrying that Hermes DNA.

    Nice score all around.

    Have a machine or three now up at Tom's Typewriter Spa at the moment, too.

    Will talk soon, and keep on prestidigitating!


  5. Tom! How much would you charge for that 3000?
    Nice score Matt!

  6. Gotta love those Hermes! Great finds!