Saturday, March 26, 2011

Terribly Sorry For The Lack Of Activity...

So, I'm doing this post simply because I've noticed that typecasts from me have been few and far apart lately. I just simply have been busy with plenty of other things in my life, and I will be typecasting a lot again probably this week! It is safe to say you all can expect a typecast from me Tomorrow night. Keep on typing!

P.S.- I'm doing this the digital way since I've no access to a scanner, because I'm at my sister's for the weekend, but I have brought my trusty Lettera 32! So, I'll be back again tomorrow!


  1. Matt: typosphere growth, for my part at least, very much down to you. Unconstrained streams of consciousness from a (relatively) unpolluted mind - love it!

  2. ...sorry, also had the need to fake a typecast last week over on For additional fakery, I downloaded Adler from and wrote the piece then screen-grabbed it. I feel the process was tortuous enough, it mirrored the efforts (if not the tech) to type'n'scan.

  3. *** the typosphere will always be patient ***

  4. mcget here... no scanner yet--I just photograph the pages and am posting pictures, to be totally frank and ernest!

    I plan to do some Lettera-ing in a few minutes, so here's to some typing Italiano (or Barcelonesa) !