Monday, October 11, 2010

Typing On Typewriter Paper

Yep, you see right. It says COLE-STEEL!


  1. This post made me think of a few things.

    I got a kick out of the way your period punches holes through the page. My old Olympia Desktop (I'm not sure what the model was, but it was a massive honking thing that required a serious commitment to move from room to room.) used to do the same thing. I tried to go lightly with that key, but it never seemed to matter. Especially when I was using carbon paper.

    Which is the other thing. I used to use carbon paper all the time. Back in the days before email, it seemed a shame that when you mailed a letter, you didn't get to keep it. Making carbon copies of all my correspondence was a great way to have my cake and eat it too. I'd three-hole-punch the carbons and keep them in a massive looseleaf binder alongside typewritten and handwritten journal pages. After all, if I was sending a long letter to my girlfriend about what I did on a given day, it didn't make sense to have to type it all a second time in my journal, did it? Then, of course, I could keep all of her letters in the same binder, for a consistent time-line.

    I can't recall what happened to that binder. I suspect it was prudent to dispose of it sometime after it accumulated a few girlfriends and sometime before I got married to the best one of all. (I made a point only to date girls who were clever correspondents. Do kids still pass folded-up love-letters in the hallways? Or have those vile text messages (c u l8r lol...) taken over what used to be one of the sweetest rituals of teen romance?)

    Then again, that binder may be in my mother's attic, accumulating dust, and one day we'll be cleaning it out and I'll have to discreetly set it aside for a few private moments of nostalgia.

  2. Well, unfortunately, kids nowadays send those types of messages, usually followed by winky faces like ";)" or something along the lines of that. Oh, and this is the first time my Royal KMM has made holes in any paper, but, i haven't used onionskin paper in a while, and so I guess because it's so thin, it made some holes. The platen rubber is still good too! Glad you enjoyed it!