Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NaNoWriMo And The Brilliant Selectric Plan!


  1. I used a Selectric II at a sumemr intern job. It was very responsive. VERY. So much so that it startled me. And electrics hum. Not too loudly, but they do hum. Something to consider. I'm biased against them a bit, mostly because I'm not confident enough to know that I could fix it myself if something goes totally wrong.

    Noveling on an SM7 would be nice -- I've considered my SM9 for that purpose. Olympias feel more like standards than portables, in my opinion. But then, I've never laid hands upon an SG* series machine.

    The serial number database (tw-db.com) says your Olympia is from 1964. Disregard the fact that the Olympia listings say "SM3 portable" -- those numbers apply to SM3 through SM9.

  2. Thanks!! I'll let you know what I think of the Selectric. By the way is there anything I need to do to join the NaNoWriMo typewriter brigade? Or am I in?

  3. Don't want to speak for Mike on this, but I feel pretty confident saying "You're In" and I'll throw in a "Like Flynn" for good measure.

    My own Selectric II ("Personal" Selectric, that is) has some issues that I just can't figure out. It sure is fun to type on, though. Makes me feel kind of dirty and disloyal, but it's a ton of fun.

    Don't be too hard on that SC 88. That's a fine machine there. I did a big chunk of last year's not-quite-enough novel on my own 88, and it was a real treat to write on.

  4. Duffy, I absolutely love the SC 88. It's one of my favorites! I actually got it from Jay Respler for $25.00! I also love the paint job you did with yours! I just might end up using it for NaNo. But, who knows?!

  5. two things: 1. mpclemens nailed it on the selectric startling is the word, but once you get used to it they're fantastic. we had one when i was your age.
    2. are all the of us NaNo typers going to be writing buddies? just putting that out there. I know there's a group, but like you, Matt, this will be my first try.

  6. Hmm... That sounds like a great idea!

  7. I will "friend" any and every member of the Brigade, for I crave validation. Seriously.

    I'm here, by the way: