Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some News, And An Update On Life


  1. I like the Olympias too but my Hermes is the best. I understand about NaNo, if I didn't have a week's vacation in the middle of it I wouldn't have signed on either.
    Make sure you post pics of the ones for sale!

  2. You know, wen I was at Cambridge Typewriter, there was a REALLY nice Hermes Ambassador, and I didn't really bother trying out too much, I just poked a couple of keys. But, those few pokes were amazing! It was on a shelf, and this thing looked BIG and HEAVY! I''' also be sure to post pictures of the ones for sale!

  3. You might want to try that Silent before you commit to selling it. It's a darned nice typer. Top of the line in its day. Makes the Sterling seem cheap.