Thursday, October 7, 2010

A New Typewriter Has Once Again Found Its Way To Me Unexpectedly...


  1. KMMs are fabulous! Very responsive, fast typing machines.

    I think the best products to use on it may be a degreaser like PB Blaster to follow up on the penetrating oil (it will flush out the oil so that it doesn't gum up in the long run) and Scrubbing Bubbles on the finish. You can follow up with Pledge once the finish is clean, but don't get Pledge on the mechanism (spray onto a cloth, not directly onto the typewriter).


  2. very nice :) Don't forget to post some photos !

  3. I actually removed the excess oil already! But thanks for the advice. I'm just going to try some Pledge on the finish, because it's already been cleaned up. It's just that I stupidly tried some Turtle Wax on the top, and it dried into the crinkle paint, and left behind some white marks which water won't get out. So I think Pledge should take car of it, no?